Please send information and pictures of;
our family members who have recently passed.
(Along with picture if possible please include the date of birth and date of death. )

Wedding, Birth Announcements, and any significant family news to be included on our Barnes Family Website.
Please submit family photos to be included on our website to
Don't forget to send hard copies of family photos to be included in our family collage.
**These photos WILL NOT be returned!
Johnny O. Barnes
8038 Rugby Street
Philadelphia, PA 19150

Just to get you started here are a few we pulled from The website of Past Family Reunions. Looking forward to adding your pictures.
Goal: 100 plus
A limited number of rooms available
For Questions and Payments contact:
Johnny O. Barnes
8038 Rugby Street
Philadelphia, PA 19150
(215) 924-6094



                    Please Join the Celebration
                                         “SHINING AS ILLUMINATORS” 
                            CROWN PLAZA PHILADELPHIA- BUCKS COUNTY
                                                4700 E. Street Road
                                                Feastervile-Trevose, Pa 1905

Cost                                        No. Of Persons                      Total


Senior             $70.00      X     -----------------                           ------------

(Age 70 and Above)    


Adult               $75.00     X     ------------------                          -------------

(Ages 13 and above)
Children          $40.00     X     ------------------                          -------------
(Ages 2-12)
Children          Free      X       -------------------            --------------
(Ages under 2)
Prices include:
Complimentary Breakfast
Friday night: Welcoming and get acquainted “BASH”, games etc.  
                        Dinner and Supper.
Saturday mid-day:  Snacks in the Hospitality Suite
Saturday night: Banquet Dinner and Dance.
Special Note:   Give consideration to arriving on Thursday night: You are on your own.  Consider checking in on Thursday night.  This will give you the entire day on Friday for visiting some of the local attractions and getting a jump on the reunion weekend.  Officially, the family reunion begins on Friday.
A Payment Plan to Suit Your Needs
1st Payment Due:         December 17, 2016                 4th Payment Due:    March 31, 2017
2nd Payment Due:        January 31, 2017                     5th Payment Due:    April 30, 2017 3rd Payment Due:            February 28, 2017                   6th Payment Due:    May 31, 2017
Send payments to Johnny Barnes, 8038 Rugby Street, Philadelphia, PA 19150.
Welcome To The Barnes Family Reunion for 2017

Hey Fam,
It means alot that this year I get to be the one to host our Bi-Annual Barnes Family Reunion. I get to show you my neck of the woods for a change. I'm sure you will all appreciate what my city has to offer. We only see each other every two years so let's make it EPIC and SHINE LIKE ILLUMINATORS!!!!
While we are together, Lets make it count! 
For those of you who didn't think you would make it and to all of the rest of you. Thank you for making the effort to get here. Make this event a special one to remember!

Johnnie O. Barnes
(The “O” stands for “O” How Wonderful!!)

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